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The team St Louis trusts for radiator repair

Our services meet the highest standards. We have free pick-up and delivery within 50 miles of St Louis for commercial trucks and construction equipment. We also offer national and global shipping.  We can sometimes do on-site repair work - just call to learn more!

Products offered

We have new quality products that include truck and industrial heavy duty radiators. We can provide you with new radiators for cars and trucks, forklifts, tractors, and wood chippers. As well as heater cores, ac condensers, charge air coolers, steel and aluminum fuel tanks.

In addition; stationary generators and all brands of industrial construction equipment, including Caterpillar folded, modular, and AMOC cores, as well as Mesabi replacement cores. And if you need boat coolers, oil coolers, custom-made gaskets or surge tanks, see us first!

Radiators and other services

When it comes to radiators, charge air coolers, oil coolers and heat exchangers, rely on us for expert services. These include:

Radiators: Rebuild, Re-Core, Custom Fabricate, New Component Fabrication
Repairs: Soldering, Silver Soldering
Welding: Specializing in MIG, TIG (Aluminum), Titanium

fixing a radiator and heat exchanger in St. Louis MO

Additional services

We can repair fuel tank leaks and cracks and can patch tanks (for rust spots and other issues). In addition, we can fabricate new tanks. We can also provide you with dent removal, coating and outside overcoating.

-DPF Cleaning
-Heat exchanger repair
-Fuel tank repair
-Industrial radiators
-Tractor radiator repair
-Bus radiator repair
-Generator radiator repair
-Caterpillar radiator repair

If you require sandblasting or DPF filter cleaning, we can help. In short, we can handle pretty much anything you throw at us!
 SService charge: If for some reason you decide not to accept the services at the price we quote and wish to have the radiator returned to you there will be a service charge of at least $25.00 (cost could be more depending on time/materials) 
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